FAQs - Placing my order

Its just like big school!

As a Pre-School

Simply book your photo week. Around a month before photo week we send your envelopes. Hand these out to parents along with the flyer and brochure describing the packages. Put the sample package in a high traffic area and advise parents of the dates. When parent return their envelopes store them securely and pass on to the photographer on photo day.

As a Parent

Once you receive an envelope fill it out and include cash or prepay online. Hand your envelope to a staff member FULLY COMPLETED preferably before photo day and dress your child in their best outfit on the day (not date) you nominate on your envelope. We'll take it from here, sit back and wait for photos to arrive. Ususally around six weeks.

If at all for any reason you are unhappy with your photos (this is rare if ever) you can request a refund or ask for a reshoot.

All our photos are printed on quality saturn paper by one of the best printers in Australia. The package is 26.5cmx 20.5cm (10"x8') in size. Each package is presented in a fantastic folder made from 160g card to protect and keep your prints safe forever. (excluding group only option).

Package A

Pack A

1/5x7, 2 wallet, 4 postcard (including 2 black and white),1 bookmark, 2/6x4 and 1/10x8 portrait images along with a named group photo. 

Package B

Pack B

1/5x7, 2 wallet, 1 bookmark and a group photo. If you return to the package slide show this will show up as page 1 and the group.

Package C

Pack C

1/5x7, 2 wallet,1 bookmark, 4 postcard (including 2 black and white).  This does not include a group photo. 

Sibling Add-on

Pack C

The sibling add-on can be added to each of the above packages separately by selecting the sibling add-on section of your envelope. 

Group Only

Group Photo

Group Only with individual names supplied by the preschool

Yes you can.

If you wish to order your photos as digital only (no paper Package). Fill out the envelope and return to the preschool. 



you can add a digital image to your paper version.

Remember to include your ORDER # if paying online and hand you enveope to a staff member.

If you wish to order this at a later date (after photo week and you have had a traditional package sent) just go to the Reorder Button and follow the prompts.

Be sure to check your junk mail as photos may sometimes show up there.

No, not at this stage. Currenlty it is an additional item to the Digital individual pack. The Group photo is in the same format as the paper version and included names.

Yes you can,

When ordering online simply click on the desired image you wish to have sent as Digital .

You will still need to fill out an envelope so our photographer can photograph your child.  You must note somewhere on your envelope "Digital Add-On"As this is a new product and the current envelopes do not not yet display additional products.


You may wish to download an new envelope from the home page of this site. This has the new design allowing for this Add-On.

Remember to include your ORDER #

If you wish to pay cash only and  only fill out an envelope, please incude your email address on the back so we can send the image. If this does not happen we will send the image direct to the Preschools email account.

Be sure to check you junk email as photos may sometimes show up there.


There are several ways to do this, e.g  child A (eldest) and child B (youngest)

Option 1. You want a package of both children individually and a sibling photo of both together.  Use two envelopes. On child B’s envelope fill out the main box with that childs details and select the desired package. Then tick the sibling section and write child A's names and room on the line next to the sibling section. On child A’s envelope fill out the main box with that childs details and select the desired package. write child B’s name and room in the sibling section below. If you want two copies of the same sibling photo include payment for the second photo in child A's envelope as well.

Option 2. You want both children together in the one package. On one envelope write child A and B’s names in the top box. Include child A’s room name in the top box. Write the word "together" next to the chosen package A, B,or C. If if the children are in different rooms and you have choosen Package A or B you will need to fill out another envelope with Child B’s details and select the group photo only. This way both children get a group photo in the same package.

Option 3. You want all children in the one package plus an individual photo of each child. On one envelope write child A and B’s names in the top box. Include child A’s room name in the box. Write together next to the chosen package A, B, or C. Tick the sibling section, cross out the word sibling and write  the word "As individual" and child B’s name in the section below.

On separate envelopes for each other child fill out the top box, tick the sibling section, cross out the word sibling and write "As individual" and include the child’s name on the sibling line below. If you want a group photo add this to the package also.

Note: Make sure you fill out all details. Don’t leave it for someone else to do.

Your photos usually take between four to six weeks once names are returned from the preschool and depending upon the work load we have. We like to get them back to you as soon as possible. 

Reorders take approximately ten days to be delivered.

Providing this is ok with the Centre Director it is fine by us. If the child/ren attend another preschool or school, it's best to be early. We can do a sibling photo or individual. Please note this child or children won't be in any of the group photos.

  1. Go to the home page and locate the “Pre-order your photos” button
  2. Select your desired package.
  3. Fill out the required details and select sibling if you want a separate photo of family together.
  4. Select the day you want photos taken
  5. Add to bag and select “go to checkout”
  6. Enter your contact details by registering. (You do not need to fill out your “Street address line 1” instead write N/A)
  7. Choose delivery method “Collect from Pre-school”
  8. Select your payment method and add a comment if you wish.
  9. Enter your email address and select “My billing address is the same as shipping”
  10. Check your order and press “Place Order” Button
  11. Complete a paper envelope including the Order # and return your completed envelope back to your Preschool.
  12. Our photographer only photographs children who have presented with an envelope.
  13. If you have more than one child you must complete a separate order and envelope.

                     ***You must return your envelope***

Generally yes. One envelope per child. Unless you want all children in the same image and pack.

If this is the case select the package and write "Together" on it somewhere clear and noticeable. For any additional group photos for children in other rooms you will need to do a seperate envelope each for these children.