FAQs - Payment


Note:  Due to the high number of declined cards we have been forced to phase out the envelope credit card payment option.

If you wish to pay by card over the phone please call 0414 311 819.


Please follow these steps if you have not yet paid for your order.

If your card declines and you have been good enough to provide your contact details we will give you a call to make arrangements prior to photos being sent to try again over the phone.

If you have omitted to include contact details we will advise the preschool as such in the final letter sent with the bulk of photos. Your photos will not be sent but held back until payment is made.

It is up to you to go to our online store at www.ncpics.com.au click the “Pre-order your photos” tab and complete your order there. Be sure to select the same order you placed on the envelope as you photos have already been processed. You will then need to contact us via info@ncpics.com.au and advise of such payment. If choosing to pay as Direct Deposit you need to forward the receipt to the above email.

Our Bank account details are provided below in this FAQ section. 

Once this process is followed we will post photos back to the preschool.

If the bulk of the preschool photos have been sent we will periodically try your card until payment is made and post them seperatly straight away. A $6.00 charge for postage will be included for declined card transactions.

Note: Due to the high number of declined cards, envelope credit transactions option has been phased out.

Yes. Please ensure you include your Name, address, contact phone number, drivers licence number and preschool you are from on the back of  your cheque.

If you have paid by bank transfer, after a few days if we can't manually find a direct debit payment your order will be left as unpaid. You may receive an automated cancellation of your order.

There may be a couple of reasons this to have happened.

  1. Your reference on your payment may not have been descriptive enough and we may not have been able to located your payment. 


     b. You may not have sent you original receipt to receipts@ncpics.com.au when you made your order.


Simply resend you original receipt or please send details of exactly when you paid and we can go searching for your payment in our records and we can mark it off as paid.

Once envelopes are sorted small change is taped to the envelope and returned with the photos. for anything larger (over $10) we return it to the preschool the next day.

N.C.Pic's Photography

Account number 189498

B.S.B 032 525

If your centre has a policy of not keeping cash on site prior to photo day we have a couple of options.

Please ask parent to bring their envelopes in on photo day.


Have parents order via the website using the prepay system and credit card options (see envelope for details). This way they can hand their envelope in beforehand if you want to have a rough idea of numbers. 

Please don't remove cash yourself. This really makes our system melt down.