FAQs - Miscellaneous

We apologise for this happening. Please contact the Preschool. The preschool staff type out and email us the names. We simply insert them into the group photo. They will need to reorder a new group for you with the correct spelling at their cost.


There may be one of two issues here.

1. Your payment was declined or you may not have transfered funds after ordering online. Please refered to the declined card section or make payment. if you are certain you have paid please send your bank receipt to receipts@ncpics.com.au and include your four digit reference number and/or childs name. We will still have these waiting for you and once payment is complete we wil send to the preschool via post.


2. We may not have been given your envelope. We only take individuals photos from children who have supplied an envelope throughout the week we are at your centre. We do not take individual photos of children who haven’t handed in an envelope. In this case no photos have been done. This complies to our policy of a parent who do not whish for their child to be photograhed.

If you have Pre-Paid online this does not automaticly confirm your child will be photgraphed unless an envelope is returned prior to photo day.

The online payment system is not linked in anyway to the photographers work list for that day or week. Meaning the photographer does not know if you have paid or not and have not handed in or have lost your envelope prior to photo day. We simply can not expect our photographers to stand in a centre with a laptop or tablet and filter through hundreds of orders looking for the child who did not have an enveolpe presented. We are sorry for this, but it is still the best system. 

If you have paid online and missed out a full refund will be issues. Please email your childs details to info@ncpics.com.au along with your BSB and account number.


If your child or children were present during the week and were in a Group Photo we can post one out. Please go to the Re-Order section to order your group photo. If you have paid for a full package whe can refund the difference. please email info@ncpics.com.au and provide all your childs details your four digit order number BSB and account number. we will send you a group photo and refund the difference. 

Please do not leave any orders at the preschool for staff to follow up on your behalf.

Please call or email us. If there is sufficient time we will send you some more ASAP. If not you can visit the front page of this site and download a new envelope template to print off as many as you need.

Due to the limited demand, the high cost and additional time it takes to carry out multiple poses around the preschool yard we don’t do them in the standard packages.

However if you would like this to happen you can add a sibling add on as an additional photo. You must nominate this on your envelope when you hand it back and let the staff know at your preschool.

We are sensitive to the religious, cultural beliefs and custodian issues for families. If you do not wish for the child under your care to be photographed please advise staff in advance.

By submitting a completed envelope your permission to photograph and produce images by us is  assumed granted.

If you do not wish children under your care to be included in any group photo please advise staff in advance so we can allow for this to not happen.

N.C.Pic’s Photography reserves the right to hold copyright on all images produced. By purchasing a printed image this is not assigning full licence to the purchaser and is assumed full ownership of negatives and electronic images is held by the photographer.

N.C.Pic’s Photography reserves the right to reproduce and use the images taken for the purpose of promoting, advertising and describing our portfolio only via electronic and/or paper media. Where possible the copyright owner will contact the person/s portrayed or the parent or guardian if under eighteen advising of such use. All images displayed will not describe, name or give the location of the person/s portrayed. No monetary gain will be negotiated into. All images will be treated with respect, dignity and privacy to others in relation to who is portrayed in an image.

Rights of copyright owners

Owners of copyright in photos have the exclusive right to:

• Reproduce the photos—for example, by making prints, photocopying, and digitising;

• Publish the photo (make copies of the photos available to the public for the first time); and

• Communicate the photo to the public—for example, by putting the photos onto a website,

broadcasting or faxing them or emailing digital files of them.


Moral Rights

Creators of copyright works, including photographers, have “moral rights” in relation to their works. These are separate from copyright. Moral rights impose certain obligations on people who use a copyright work.

As a photographer N.C.Pic’s Photography have the right to:

• be attributed as creator of photos;

• take action if work is falsely attributed; and

• take action if work is distorted or treated in a way that is prejudicial to our honour or reputation.


Does a purchaser of a print have an automatic right to make copies of it?

Generally, No. One person may own copyright in an image (and thus have the right to reproduce the image), and another person may own a negative, transparency or print in which the image is embodied. The purchaser of a print does not generally acquire the copyright as well.


Can people scan and alter photos without permission? Who owns copyright in

the altered photo?

Scanning a photo to make a digitised version, or making a copy of an existing digital file,

reproduces the photo and therefore generally requires the permission of the copyright owner

(unless an exception to infringement applies).

If the other person creates a new artistic work using the scanned photo, he or she will own

copyright in the new work. However, if the new work incorporates an important, distinctive or

recognisable part of the original photo, the owner of copyright in the new work will need the original photographers permission to reproduce and communicate it to the public. The original photographer still owns copyright in the original photo.

Alteration of photos may, in some cases, infringe moral rights in the work (the rights to be attributed as creator of a work, right not to be falsely attributed as the creator and the right of integrity against derogatory treatment of the work).

Simply pull the black paper clip away from the folder or slip it to the bottom.

To re-attach square all the photos and folder components by placing on a flat surface stand them all upright facing you and slide the paper clip from the top down.

If at all you are unsatisfied with the quality or finished product you have received please email us with your concern. 

Please remember we do not do touch ups or edit scratches blemishes or scars on our subjects unless prior arrange has been made.

Our Preschool photos are photographed in the natural environment. Environmental factors do influence the colour and tone of photos and may vary from day to day depending on the weather. We make all effort to compensate for this where possible. 

Please be aware preschool photos are batch processed and you are charged accordingly. Preschool Photos should not be considered as a studio sitting highly edited or airbrushed product.

If you feel the images supplied do not meet these standards please return to N.C.Pic’s Photography 27 High St Lismore NSW 2480. Please include a detailed note. We will make all effort to correct and replace where possible. Failing that we will offer a full refund.


In order to keep the costs down and make it a simple system we leave the packages as is. If you would like to add an extra page to your order you can do so by going to the reprint section and choosing the 10x8 page of various prints and select one that suits you. Alternatively you can order the digital pack and create what you like at your local print shop.

Just like school photos our photographer will choose the best photo. This is the easiest and best way for everybody. If there is a slight chance parents aren’t happy we can deal with that one on an individual basis. This is rare, we will then email that parent with the photos we have taken for them to choose. 

All photos go to the printers as a group lot,  if individual parents choose their own images your preschool could wait months for all the parents to complete this before the order of printed photos is placed.